High heels! conquered TikTok, and probably will conquer you too

Collect shoes to cross obstacles on the way. It seems like the desire of some women, but it’s just the goal of a game that exploded thanks to memes and TikTok.

High Heels! is a completely naive hyper-casual game that uses a well-known formula but innovates in thematic with style and memes. It is a very successful app that collects over 4+ million views on TikTok.

What is so attractive about it? To play, just slide your finger on the screen, dodging obstacles and collecting shoes. The higher the heel the character wears, more obstacles can be overcome. Main mechanic was an interaction of Voodoo’s Roof Rails.

High Heels! fashion theme is a true triumph. Powered with the potential of social networks and memes, it ends up becoming a true viral. What other game do you have to overcome obstacles sliding and splitting up your legs and finishes in a parade like madame on a catwalk? Looks a simple silly idea, but the execution overall is phenomenal. Put it all together with a few more easy-to-obtain skins, some easter eggs and voilá, you got a hit.

That brings a lesson to the thousands of hypercasuals games available today on the App Store and Google Play. Today, developers needs to release addictive games with themes that allows the creation of hilarious memes. 
Zynga made a master move by acquiring Rollic, the developer behind High Heels!. And the game page in Google Play and App Store to confirms how much fun the players had with the game.

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