Giant Rush: a very good surprise among the runners

It seems that the wave of the moment is to create a good game of running and dodging obstacles. The genre, which was born a long time ago, has been reinventing itself. Every day new variants of the style appears, adding new mechanics, but they all look the same. That is not the case of Giant Rush.

I must confess. I was expecting it to be just another hypercasual cloned from somewhere else. Initially the goal is to dodge obstacles while running. There are some dolls to collect, which serves to restore the size of the player that gets smaller in contact with traps around the level.

The surprise comes at the end of every level: no platforms or something to raise your score. What awaits you a good fight between two giant dolls! Seriously! In addition to running, collecting items and dodging obstacles, the player have a good punching fight before completing that level. This is, without a doubt, something unexpected and quite fun, which takes the game to another level. Point to TapNation, developer of the hit.

Besides, it is possible to collect other items such as gems along the way. They can be used to purchase skins for the player. And nothing better than punching enemies while wearing a king’s crown.

Giant Rush follows the trend of the new hypercasuals, to offer something beyond repetitive gameplay, however, keeping a simple gameplay, using few gestures for the controls. The game collects good reviews and offers fun and challenge, this is guaranteed.

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