Blob Runner can be as fun as Fall Guys

Who hasn’t been charmed by the success of Fall Guys’ fun jelly beans? Even those who have never played must have wasted a few minutes having fun with videos and memes about the game.

Blob Runner, available for Android and iOS is very reminiscent of the success of Devolver: the player takes control of a kind of amoeba with the shape of a human and needs to cross obstacles to progress in the game. Okay, an amoeba is not as cute as a colorful, round little jelly bean. Either way, the game hits the mark on fun and challenge.
Rollic is the developer behind it. Blob Runner got very popular in January, 2021.

The game takes that old and well-known runners’ formula, adding different obstacles to provide variety and a good balance. In addition, it is possible to collect pieces of amoeba along the way, since the player will certainly lose a good part of his body until he reaches the finish line. After all, no matter how, all you need to do is reach the goal.

However, the game isn’t just about running. The player will be able to collect small gems that can be exchanged for skins, which adds extra fun in the game. 

The game is an absolute success, the reviews confirm this. It doesn’t have 5 stars due to the excess of advertisements and some crashes, issues reported by users. But this doesn’t mean that Blob Runner is an average game.

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