Aim, shoot and destroy everything in Cannon it

How many towers can you destroy with cannonballs? With this simple idea, Cannon it is a fun hypercasual game that uses a physics system based on the real world.

The gameplay is simple. Sliding your finger on the screen, the cannon moves. Just choose the best point, hit the fire button and boom! The tower will start to collapse if you manage to hit the target. Keep demolishing towers and as you progress upgrades will be available to make your shots more destructive.

Cannon it is a hit by Voodoo, known for other worldwide famous games like Helix Jump among others.

Voodoo games gets better every new release. However, one thing is certain: they all remain with simple gameplays, guaranteeing fun and challenge for a long time.

Players also are used to share their results and compete with each other, which generates an organic buzz that leverages the number of downloads of the app. The success of Cannon it is so evident that it is common to find other similar games in the App Store and Google Play.

So, if you are looking to relax before going to work, or before a school test, how about taking some cannon shots to relieve stress? Believe me, seeing the blocks falling one by one is too satisfying.

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