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Javary is a team of experts,
with the mission of building
innovative game experiences.


We use market tracking tools to identify gameplay trends


We come up with marketable game concepts


We prototype games with different mechanics, design and art style

Pasta! Lasagna Maker

Cook delicious lasagnas of many kinds and flavors in this FREE engaging lasagna-cooking game! Discover many levels from simple 1 layer lasagnas, to delicious multi-layer tasty lasagnas.

Lay down the lasagna noodles! Spread the sauce! Grate the cheese! This and many other interactions will make your lasagna super delicious.

Fran's Jump Down

Fran’s Jump Down is a fast casual game. Pong, hop and jump and fall through amazing scenarios. Bouncing is part of the daily life of Fran, our hero. Lets make him the best jumper in the world. Includes different themes and cool voice sounds.

Mathy: Cool Math Learner Games

Are you looking for the best teacher-approved app to improve your kids’ learning of Math? The new Mathy app has been revamped with a new look and feel, offering over 15,000 Math exercises for both kids and parents!

Mathy is a premium learning method. A full coursework by university scholars to re-define the purpose of learning Arithmetic and Pre-algebra. Mathy is the perfect homework tool to put in practice math concepts learned in the classroom.

Monster Mash - Monster Pop

Save the cute bunnies from the evil monsters by joining them and popping them with the least amount of moves as possible. Beware of the rocks, rain and other obstacles! And gather the power-ups to help in your journey!

An addicting puzzle game where you can explode colorful monsters.







Javary is a team of experts, with the mission of building innovative game experiences.

Let's build something
amazing together.